Weekend In Vegas Nets Nancy $9,900

Maine librarian wins on Las Vegas-themed slot machine, plans out her own Las Vegas fantasy trip with her win of nearly $10,000 for herself.

For Nancy, she never thought about much outside of her own town. “I’ve been working at this library for most of my life. A good day for me is a day surrounded by books.” Yet for Nancy, she always secretly dreamed of going to Las Vegas. “I’ve read tons of books in my time, but I don’t think any do Vegas justice.” The bright lights and dizzying sights sounded like something out of a fantasy for her. “But I could never justify it–the plane ticket and hotel costs, maybe, but definitely not any of the sight-seeing.” She was nervous about casinos, too, as she’d never experienced one before.

Her best friend suggested that she could try out some of the online casinos that are available for US players. “I’d never heard of an American casino that was online before, so I checked it out.” Nancy found the sign-up bonus enticing enough to give it a shot. “They offered me a $15 spin for free, and once I saw how the games worked, I really got into it!” Nancy especially loved the Vegas-themed slot machines–and eventually, she settled on Weekend In Vegas. The humorous spin on it as well as the variety of ways to win gave her hope that it wouldn’t be a pipe dream to actually hit it big. “I think that once I picked out that machine as ‘my’ machine, I made a promise to myself: if I win, I’ve gotta go to Las Vegas.”

Nancy did win, thanks to the bonus mini-game in Weekend In Vegas. “I landed on ‘Balanced Ben’, which opened up a little game where I chose which casinos the characters went to. When I finally finished, I’d won.” She’d called up her friend right away to let her know, bouncing in her seat. “I think the last time I won anything was on a Bingo night a few years ago, so this was a huge deal for me!” Nancy’s friend declined to come with her since she’s scared of flying, but Nancy has promised to take as many pictures as possible. “I’m planning to use all of my winnings to play for real in the casinos there. Maybe some of my luck from the online casino will carry over!” Nancy still plans to play Weekend In Vegas when she returns, as she finds it a fun way to spend her time off.