Weekend In Vegas Slot Machine

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Ben, Larry, and Chris set out to Las Vegas in the hopes of winning big, taking players along for the ride with them as they try out casinos.

Weekend In Vegas is an adventure of three dopey men who want to hit the jackpot in Vegas. Many players might roll their eyes at first, as there’s been dozens of Vegas-themed slot machines in the past, but Weekend In Vegas has its own special charm that is attractive to even the most seasoned players. With a variety of bonus games and a unique tile setup, players are sure to find something that keeps them coming back to Weekend In Vegas.


With the colorful, dazzling appeal of Vegas in the background, the player sits around waiting with the three men. A snazzy Vegas-style game board sits between the rest of Vegas and the hopeful, unlucky guys who want to win. When players finally get into Vegas, they are greeted by the sight of many different casinos to play in. The tiles each have their own unique animations, while the three men all have unique lounging animations as they wait to go into Vegas proper to start playing.


One of the big draws of Weekend In Vegas is the tiles for the three men. Rather than being ordinary tiles, these tiles take up an entire reel–something which drastically increases the odds of the player winning. Additionally, if the player gets two of the same guy on the board, they automatically earn a free re-spin to try and get more of the same guy. Even if only part of the man’s tile is on the board, it’ll still count towards any potential traditional wins on the reels. A double-or-nothing coin flip is also available for the traditional spins. The bonus games, however, are where the real magic is in Weekend In Vegas.


With 3 or more Scatter police car tiles the player enters into free-spin mode, earning up to 20 free spins. Every win during the free-spin bonus game is worth double. At the end of the free spins, players get to spin the Money Wheel, which gives them a higher payout as they land on the green in each ring of the wheel. The shining star of the bonus games is, of course, focused around the guys. Depending on which character the player gets on the board, their odds of winning change. Cautious Chris never loses, but wins a smaller amount, Balanced Ben has a chance of losing but wins a larger amount, and Loony Larry rarely wins–but wins big when he does.