Virginia Native Wins $4,000 On 4 Seasons

Aspiring musician Jimmy from Virginia wins $4,000 while playing on 4 Seasons slot machine, upgrades recording equipment and microphone.

“I’ve been recording my own jams for about ten years now. Used to play in a garage band as the guitarist, but the lead singer went off to law school and the drummer quit to be a writer.” Jimmy got into composing music a few months after the band broke up, using whatever free programs he could find online. “The tech was always improving–when I first started out, it was all really cheap sounding. Now there’s a ton of free programs out there that do the job.” As time passed, Jimmy gradually upgraded his hardware as well as his software, but he could never justify the costs to himself. “I wasn’t selling the music that I composed, it was all for fun, but at some point I’ve got to be reasonable about it.”

In-between sessions, Jimmy would compete in slot tournaments at online casinos. “It gave me something to compete at without it being stressful, so I’d use it to unwind whenever I was getting stuck during a recording session.” Jimmy picked up 4 Seasons on the side as well. “I was looking for something relaxing that I could zone out to, and 4 Seasons fit the bill perfectly for me.” He played to win, yet never expected it. “I figured that guys like me never win anything. Doesn’t mean I didn’t try, I just didn’t get my hopes up!” Jimmy gave himself a weekly limit on how much to play with, and whenever he reached that limit he would switch over to free mode. “It kept me in check, and it kept me from coming up short on any bills, so I never felt bad about playing.”

When he won, he wasn’t sure what to do. “I almost thought about continuing playing with the $4,000, ’cause I seriously didn’t even consider using it for my hobby.” Jimmy came up with the idea to upgrade his soundboard, the lifeline for his music, as well as the recording software he used. “I was using freeware that kept crashing, and it came out ten years ago to boot, so I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel for quality. Thanks to my win on 4 Seasons, I got everything up-to-date. My next plan’s to upgrade my phone–if I win again, anyway.” Jimmy remains cautiously optimistic that another win isn’t so farfetched after all.