Tracy Wins $6,000 On Mega Glam Life

37-year old Utah native Tracy wins $6,000 on Mega Glam Life’s money wheel, uses winnings to pay off her daughter’s remaining medical bills.

Children like to get in trouble, and Tracy’s daughter was no different. “She learned how to ride her bike, and a week later she’d gone off racing on the old dirt trail.” Tracy recalled how mortified she’d been when her daughter came home with a broken arm. “Money’s always been tight, and my heart sank when I saw that.” The hospital was understanding enough to let her pay it off at her own pace, but the gnawing fear of having a looming debt made it difficult for her to sleep at night. “I stopped going to the movies and started pinching pennies, I really wanted it to go away as fast as possible.”

Online casinos became a sort of escape for her. “I used to live in Vegas, and it felt like a little slice of home. I had a $15 free spin that gave me a feel for Mega Glam Life, and I ended up sticking with it.” Tracy didn’t put a lot of money into her playing, but she still held out hope that she would somehow manage to win. “Even a few thousand bucks would help, and I didn’t need a whole lot to pay it all off.” Tracy considered it a fantasy, just as much as the fantasy of a luxury yacht was why she loved Mega Glam Life. “I’ve never been to the ocean before, so I like to imagine what it’d be like to have a boat. Maybe some day I can go on a cruise.”

Even when Tracy landed on the money wheel, she still expected to maybe win $100 if she was lucky. “I would’ve been happy with any amount, really. Any little bit would’ve helped.” She didn’t expect to win $6,000. “That covered all of the bills. Everything. The overnight stay, the medication, the follow-up. I was even able to buy my daughter a new bike with the remaining money.” Tracy still plays Mega Glam Life, as she hopes to some day win again. “Next time? I’m going to buy some cruise tickets. It’s been years since I got to treat myself.” Tracy also purchased a bike for herself. “Now I can go with her to keep a better eye on her, and hopefully now she’ll be more careful. I never want to see her hurt like that again.”