Tipsy Tourist Slot Machine

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Office workers will find Gary’s plight in The Tipsy Tourist all too familiar, but his inspiring and exciting Miami getaway is very enticing.

Gary, the hero of The Tipsy Tourist, is trapped in a boring office job. A spur-of-the-moment idea strikes him to go on a Miami beach vacation, where the player gets to play along as he enjoys the suns and gets into drinking competitions. Players who can sympathize with Gary might want to use their winnings to go on a trip to Miami for their own tipsy adventures, although the game itself supplies plenty of silly fun for those who can’t make it down to Florida for a vacation.


As should be expected, The Tipsy Tourist is a bright and sunny game that reflects the cheerful and pseudo-tropical beaches of Miami. The swaying palm trees hint at a relaxing and pleasant beach experience, while the wooden game board blends right in with the scenery. None of the animations are too over-the-top, focusing entirely on the game and the shy Gary in the corner. Each tile is strikingly distinct as well, making it more accessible for players who might sometimes struggle with slot machines that don’t have tiles that contrast well enough.


Players familiar with slot machines will find the staples that they’ve grown to love in online play. The Tipsy Tourist has a double-or-nothing mechanic that allows players to try and double-up their winnings on a spin by guessing the color of the next card. Players can keep guessing to keep doubling their winnings, or cash out whenever they want to. In addition to that, The Tipsy Tourist also includes a free-spin bonus round and a special bonus mini-game that are both certain to keep players coming back for more.


The free-spin bonus round is activated by getting 3 beach volleyballs on the reels. These Scatter bonus tiles give 8 free spins, an amount which can be increased with more Scatter tiles during the free spins. Wild tiles “stick” during the free spins, meaning that once a Wild tile has appeared it will remain for the rest of the free-spin bonus round. The longer that a free-spin bonus round continues, the bigger the reward will be for the player. The Tipsy Tourist, true to its name, has a drinking mini-game. If the player guesses correctly on the coin-flip, Gary’s opponent has to drink, but if Gary’s opponent guesses correctly, Gary has to drink. Each correct guess increases the player’s winnings from the bonus round. Once one of the two finishes their three drinks, the bonus round ends.