Tipsy Tina Tops Tipsy Tourist

26-year old upstate New York bartender wins $14,000, uses winnings to pay off outstanding student loan debt and follow graduate school dreams.

Tina always considered her job as a bartender to be a way to make ends meet. “I got certified in college to make some cash on the side, but once I graduated I kind of got stuck in a holding pattern.” Tina pointed to her student loan debt as the culprit. “I didn’t make up my mind on whether or not I wanted to go to graduate school until after I had to start paying off my loans. I know the workload’s intense for grad students, so I had to put it on hold. I wouldn’t be able to keep up a job while going for my PhD.”

When TIna wasn’t working at the bar, she played in slot tournaments online. “It gave me something fun to do, nothing special.” Tina liked to play it safe, even when she was competing. “Call me a chicken if you want to, I don’t care. I couldn’t afford to take any risks. If I came up short on a student loan payment, I’d be in real bad shape.” The only exception came about when a friend challenged her to a drinking game. “It was me and my two friends, one of them was in charge of asking questions. If you got the wrong answer, you had to take a drink and spin on your machine.” After that, Tina realized that she had more leeway than she first thought for playing games. “The morning after that session, I checked my account and realized that it wouldn’t hurt to play a little bit looser.”

Tina continued using Tipsy Tourist after the drinking game, as she liked the overall style. “I loved the intro movie. I know what it’s like to get stuck in an office job like that, and I swore I’d never fall into that miserable rut.” She soon found more to love about the game than the style, as she won $14,000. “I would’ve won $7,000, but I took a risk and tried out the double-or-nothing game. When I doubled it to $14,000, I stopped. I could’ve kept going, but I really didn’t want to lose it then.” That was because her student loan debt was down to $12,000. “As soon as I withdrew the money, I paid off the rest of my loan debt. Now I’m ready to start applying for graduate school!”