Terry Wins $7,500 on Greedy Goblins

With his eyes on the prize, Terry from Indiana plans to pay off some of his college debt–and maybe get a little greedy with Greedy Goblins.

“I’d never heard of there being any online casinos for the US,” Terry stated, “so I was eager to get in on that.” The 26-year old Indiana native picked up Greedy Goblins right away, as it reminded him of his sophomore-year animation project. “I had a thing for animating goblins, but never got them to look funny enough. It’s kind of embarrassing, but Greedy Goblins gave me some great ideas for improving my own animations.”

But Terry wasn’t playing Greedy Goblins for animation advice. “I got a job about a year out from graduating, and it pays good, but those student loans are a killer every month.” He’d considered picking up some extra work on the side when a friend suggested using an online casino to try and win some extra money. “One of them gave me 200% first-deposit bonus, so I went with them.” Terry settled on Greedy Goblins not long after, and started spinning. “I got into a good rhythm where I’d come home from work and then I’d play for a few hours. You know, I’d win a little here and there, and it was pretty fun.”

Terry won $7,500 thanks to a coin-based mini-game within the game. “I lined up a couple of gold coins on the reels, and the goblin ran out to take them–which racked up that win for me. I was shocked, seriously.” He’d expected that if he did win, it’d be on a free-spin round–or, it’d be the big win. “I’m still aiming for the greedy jackpot. It keeps growing every day, so I know nobody’s won it yet.”

For now, however, Terry plans to put most of his winnings into his student loan payments. “If I can win again, even if it’s like, $5,000, I’ll be able to pay off the rest of my debt by the end of the year.” Terry remains optimistic that his next win will be the jackpot, too. “If I keep playing, my odds can only go up. I’ve got nothing to lose, so why not aim for the stars?” With the extra from his winnings, he plans to spend the weekend playing Greedy Goblins to try and score big before someone else beats him to the greedy jackpot. “I’d be bummed out if someone else got it, so I guess I really gotta try harder to be the winner!”