Sports Book is SlotsAndStripes favorite rising trend in the USA online casino world. Players in the USA should be well aware of betting on sports. Some are more official, as with horse betting, while others tend to be a quick $20 bet on the next football game. Online casinos are eager to present a new angle for sports betting that makes it easier and more competitive at the same time.


Online casinos are well known for their variety, and their sports book is no exception to this rule. Novel-like in length, the online casino sports book boasts a staggering variety of sports to bet on. Football, baseball, hockey, golf, basketball, and, of course, horse races are just a few of the options available for players. No matter how small the niche, players can be assured that they can find it.

The “In” Crowd

Veterans of sports betting know that it used to be an “in the know” deal. Players couldn’t simply go to some hub and bet on the next football game--they had to know who to go to and be part of that “in” crowd. Online casinos have erased that barrier of entry, allowing newbies and veterans alike to place their bets on games. This removal of the secrecy around it also makes it a more inviting experience for everyone.


Players can now easily bet on multiple games at once. Why? Put simply, it’s far easier to track multiple games when there are real-time score updates. Players can follow the real-time tracking without needing to watch the game live, giving them the chance to watch the game that they want to watch while betting on multiple games at once.

Ease of Use

Online casinos with a sports book attached are some of the easiest to navigate. Players simply need to select the sport that they’re interested in from a list, then choose to either bet on upcoming games or else track down the teams that they are interested in betting on. Navigation is simple enough that even a machine with dial-up can breeze through!


As with all other aspects of online casino play, players can expect a slew of bonuses. These bonuses typically involve matching player deposits, but some online casinos also offer bonuses for referring a friend. Players will want to take advantage of these bonuses, especially the ones that match their deposits, as they can then use twice as much money to place bets with than they’d initially planned for.
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The favorite pastime of players around the world, sports betting, is quickly becoming just as popular online thanks to a variety of online casinos.

Sports betting has never been easier, thanks to the availability of online casinos. From horse races to March Madness, hundreds of different websites offer a variety of options for players to place their bets. Some sites specialize on sports betting, while others offer a variety of online casino options. Regardless of which site the player chooses, players can expect to find an easy to use interface and a user-friendly experience with stellar customer support no matter what they bet on.

Sports betting used to be a fairly convoluted process involving knowing the right people and living in the right area to place bets. Thanks to the internet, sports betting is now both easy and accessible. Players can choose from hundreds of websites, some which focus exclusively on sports betting, and then dive right into play. Players can expect to find a variety of sports to bet on, ranging from the NHL to the NFL, and everything inbetween. Special seasons, like March Madness, are often displayed with a special banner on sports betting sites. The variety of choices allows players to make bets on an unprecedented amount of games at the same time.

As with most online casinos, sports betting comes with a variety of bonuses. Some offer bonuses depending on deposit currency, while others match the player’s deposit amount. These bonuses give players more money to play with while betting. A few sports betting sites even offer bonuses for referring friends, making it easier for traditional players to bring their crew into the online gaming experience. In addition, some offer special, limited time codes that players can redeem for even more bonuses.

Many sites also offer the ability to track in real-time when the next game will start, with some offering additional functionality to customize what the player sees. This allows players to streamline their experience even further so that they only see the games that interest them. Sites that are focused specifically on sports betting may offer a wider variety of options as well as more data for players to examine when placing their bets.

Several sports betting sites have been established for well over a decade, giving players a sense of security based on how long they have been in business. Customer service at such sites has been refined over the years to immediately solve issues that might arise. Players will find that sports betting that is hosted at a general online casino will also have friendly customer service, as few sites can survive for long without having helpful staff. Many sports betting sites also accept bitcoins, giving players an added level of safety and security.

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