South Dakota Native Wins $9,500 on Alkemor’s Tower

Bryan, a small-time dairy farmer, won with a free-spin mini-game on Alkemor’s Tower, plans to upgrade his farming equipment for cheese-making.

Not many people choose to move away from the big city, but Bryan was sick of life in New York City. “I needed something quieter, I really couldn’t handle all the lights and noise.” South Dakota proved to be the exact change of pace that he’d been hoping for, complete with a dairy farm. “I don’t think that I want to expand, I like keeping my farm small so I can spend time with all of my cows.”

Expansion would have never been on his mind before he won. “Nobody ever tells you that it’s expensive to start up a farm. Lots of the equipment’s expensive, and the upkeep for the cows is nothing to sneeze at, either.” Since Bryan does all of the work on his own, he rarely has much time to relax. “I don’t get a day off, so I spend my time wisely.” Which, of course, means that he goofs off a lot. “I got into DnD, although I don’t have a lot of close friends to play with so I usually play non-tabletop games instead.”

One such game is Alkemor’s Tower. “It reminds me of the campaign that I’ve been tooling in my spare time, so I have a lot of fun when I play it.” He used to play it for fun only until he saw an online casino that offered him 100 free spins on his first deposit. “I took the plunge after that and started playing to win.” Bryan’s free spins were a sign of things to come, as his eventual win came from Alkemor’s Tower’s free-spin mini-game. “The game actually has two different free-spin games in it–I got the one with the vines, which gave me some ideas for my campaign.” His mind hadn’t been on his own game at the time, however, as he’d sat in stunned silence while his win racked up to $9,500.

Bryan decided to upgrade some of his farming equipment to start gearing it towards cheese-making after his win. “For now, I’ve teamed up with a local dairy processing plant. They’re offering me some advice on how to make my own cheese, and I’m thinking that I could pretty easily retool my farm so that I can make mozzarella cheese for the local pizza place. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to hire some workers to keep up now!”