Rook’s Revenge Slot Machine

Play Rook’s Revenge For Free

Players looking for an energetic, exotic 5-reel slot machine will enjoy Rook’s Revenge. With a staggering 15x multiplier via cascading wins, players always win.

Rook’s Revenge takes the mascot of Aztec Treasures and brings him to the forefront, providing a colorful, excitable character to delight the player. The game is as extravagant as it is snappy: no animation drags on without also zipping the player along to the next stage. Many other slot machines suffer from animations that needlessly drag the game along. Rook’s Revenge knows what the player really wants.


Rook’s Revenge knows who the stars are: Rook, and the reels. The colorful, exotic background serves as a unique setting for the game, while Rook serves as a cheerleader of sorts for the player’s big wins. Each spin leads to a different dance from Rook. While the tiles themselves aren’t too flashy, this instead lends the game some charm. Some slot machines choose to over-animate everything, which can be irritating over long periods of play. Rook’s Revenge keeps animations to a minimum without sacrificing the goofy charm of the machine. This means that players don’t have to worry about switching over to “fast animations” on their graphics settings if they plan to play for a longer period of time.


As far as mechanics go, Rook’s Revenge is fairly simple. Players can choose to bid as much as they want on as many lines as they want. Once the player spins, the potential for cascading wins begins. Each winning line breaks apart, allowing new tiles to drop in to replace the old tiles. Each consecutive win increases the multiplier, up to a maximum of 5x. This allows initially small winnings to quickly multiply into big wins based on one spin alone. Cascading wins work perfectly for players who like to maximize their chances at winning with each spin.


If a player manages to land three “Golden Mask” tiles, they enter into the bonus free spin stage. Rook leads the player back to a second set of reels that have much higher multipliers (up to a maximum of 15x). Any Golden Mask trios landed during the bonus stage add more free spins, potentially earning the player staggering sums of money. With the red tile winning up to $12,500 on its own without a multiplier players can see how quickly the multipliers and cascading wins can add up, especially in the bonus game. A player lining up 5 red tiles on the 15x multiplier would win $187,500 on that one part of the cascading win alone!