Rick N. Wins $6,000 On Frankenslot’s Monster

Rick from Hartford, Connecticut earns $6,000 through a mini-game in Frankenslot’s Monster, plans to renovate master bathroom with winnings.

“I work construction. Long hours, tough work, but it’s worth it.” Despite that, Rick never had the spare money to renovate his bathroom. “It’s on my to-do list, but every time that I think about starting it I think about what needs to be done.” The major thing is the shower, which hasn’t worked in over a year. “It sucks, I’m stuck taking baths after work. Sometimes it gets pretty hard to climb back out, depending on what the company was working on for the day.”

But replacing most of the piping and fixing the other damage would cost him thousands of dollars. “The people who sold this place left it a mess. I got it for cheap and fixed most of it, but that bathroom’s a real eye sore.” Rick had moved from Jersey, where he used to frequent the casinos. “I thought that the only American casinos out there were in Vegas or Jersey. Maybe a few on some Indian reservations, but the closest one of those is a couple hours away.” In fact, Rick found out about online casinos because he was trying to find the closest casino. “I missed playing after a week of hard work, so I wanted to see if it’d be too crazy to take a weekend trip down to a casino.”

Instead, Rick found himself playing Frankenslot’s Monster. “It’s not the same as a real casino, but that ain’t a bad thing. Doesn’t stink, ain’t crowded, and they don’t have waitresses pushing drinks on you. I love it.” He especially loved the ease of use and the deposit bonus. “I got 200% of what I put in. I think they’ve got some other bonuses for later deposits, but I was sold the moment that they gave me free money to work with.” Rick’s enthusiasm for the slots paid off, as he won $6,000 through Frankenslot’s Monster’s mini-game. “I had to decide which knobs to twist and how much juice to put into the monster. It spat out a bad joke, and I got $6,000. Not too shabby!” Rick used his winnings to buy all of the parts that he needs for the renovation. “I’m getting the best shower I can on that budget. And the best thing? I don’t have to pay some technician to put it together! This is what I do for a living.”