Peter Wins $5,000 On Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Texan micro-brewer wins $5,000, plans to pay off his lingering medical bills and purchase some experimental ingredients for his next batch.

Every batch of beer was a little bit different for Peter. “We obviously have our one trademark that never changes, but everything else is completely up to what I feel like making.” Peter wants to play it safe. “I don’t plan to open for business until we have at least three beers that we feel are unique enough to make us stand out in the crowd.” Micro-brewing has become competitive of late, leading Peter to be more hesitant about diving in than he would ordinarily be.

A veteran, Peter prefers to keep mostly to himself. “I couldn’t handle going somewhere that’s real busy, so I like to stay at home when I’m not at work.” A carpenter by trade, Peter had taken up micro-brewing after his friend complained that beer was getting boring. “Tall order to try and make beer exciting again, but someone’s gotta do it.” It was that same friend who directed him to online casinos. “I could never handle being in a real casino, but I was always curious to try it out.”

The online casino gave him the chance to play a variety of slot machines without being surrounded by other people. Excited to try them all out, Peter eventually found Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. “That one was a real match for me. I loved the music, the look of it, and the games felt interactive. I know all the slot machines got games in them now, but this one had me trying to guess the right mix for the potion or trying to go on a rampage without getting caught.” Peter enjoyed how much the slot machine seemed to feel like its own video game, all without sacrificing the tension and thrill of a normal slot machine.

With his $5,000 win during Mr. Hyde’s rampage, Peter paid off the outstanding balance on an old medical bill. “I had to get my hip replaced a while back. I’ve been making payments, but it always bugged me how I still had a few thousand left on it. This cleared that up for good.” The rest of his winnings went into a pile of new ingredients to try out with his next batch of beer. “With luck, one of these will be the next big thing in the micro-brewing community. Seeing as I just won, I’m feeling real lucky.”