Oregonian Wins On Genie’s Fortune

Joseph from Oregon wins $3,450 on Genie’s Fortune slot machine while on the go, plans to upgrade his iphone for a better playing experience.

With a computer that was strictly used for work, Joseph spent a lot of time on his phone. “I don’t exactly get to play a lot of games ’cause my phone’s so old, but the ones I do get to play are pretty fun.” While it is an older model, it’s still a smartphone–Joseph doesn’t know what he’d do without it. “When you spend almost the whole day doing IT tech support, you go a little crazy. I won’t even try to count how many hours I’ve played Angry Birds. Seriously.”

Joseph’s co-worker noticed him playing one day and suggested that he try out playing in an online casino. “For a while, I didn’t think that’d be worth it. I couldn’t get any of them to run smoothly on my phone, and that’s really not something that you want freezing up.” He kept an eye on the available slot machines, however, as it was tempting to try them out. “It was my co-worker that pointed me to Genie’s Fortune, actually. I was shocked that it ran perfectly on my phone, and after that it became my new favorite game.” He especially loved how even the special mini-games that could pop-up in the game didn’t hurt its performance. “That was when I made my first deposit. The online casino gave me a 200% bonus on that deposit, which I hadn’t been expecting. Kind of makes me wish that I’d deposited more! But that’s on me for skipping through everything to get to the game faster.”

When Joseph won, it was with the “Click me CRAZY!” mini-game. “I got totally lucky–the monkey keeps winning you money until you land on the ‘collect’ tile, and I hit that tile last.” His phone’s battery life died mere moments after his win, causing him to panic and search for a charger. “I was so relieved that it’d counted, I honestly thought I was going to lose my winnings.” Joseph immediately used his $3,450 win to buy a new iphone. “Yeah, I couldn’t retire that thing faster. Now I can play every game that the online casino offers, but Genie’s Fortune is definitely still my favorite.” The leftover winnings went back into playing. “I’m hoping to get the genie mini-game next time. Maybe I’ll win even more than before!”