Mr. Vegas Slot Machine

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Mr. Vegas combines the glitz of Las Vegas with the convenience of online casino games for an exciting and luxurious 3D slot game that offers countless bonuses.

For many, a trip to Las Vegas just isn’t in the cards. Mr. Vegas has their backs with this content-stuffed slot machine that acts like a Swiss army knife for casino players. From the ritzy music and visuals to the mini-game heavy gameplay, players can rest assured that every spin will be worth it.


Mr. Vegas opens with an impressive cutscene that shows the player who they’ll be playing with for the night: Mr. Vegas and his lovely lady companions. The graphics are crisp without being taxing, leading to a seamless transition from gameplay to animation and back again. The game perfectly imitates what a Vegas casino would look like, complete with the sort of zany characters that are a staple of the city of second chances. Despite the vibrant colors and dazzling lights, none of it is unpleasant to view for long periods of time. The music gets a special mention as well, as it seamlessly transitions from the opening song to a jazzy piano piece that sets the mood overall.


No other slot machine can compare to the sheer amount of gameplay packed into Mr. Vegas. Players can enjoy your typical wagering on lines, but each spin hides the potential for the player to access new gameplay features. The Roulette mini-game lets players choose which numbers for Mr. Vegas to wager on, with the player winning if Mr. Vegas wins. Players can also unlock a second slot machine within the slot machine that should remind any player of the classic machines found at any physical casino. Players can also enjoy a money wheel mini-game that gives them a chance to win the progressive jackpot.


Few games offer as many bonuses as Mr. Vegas does. Landing dice next to Mr. Vegas on the reels grants the player free spins, which can stack up for more wins. In addition, depending on the amount rolled on the dice, players can earn more per spin. If a player lands doubles, for example, then the player will win double the amount on that spin. The money wheel mini-game can grant players free spins, bonus rounds, or money wins all the way up to the progressive jackpot. Often, the progressive jackpot is over $10,000! All mini-games stack with any wins that the player earned on that spin as well, meaning that each mini-game is a bonus in and of itself. Even the money wheel stacks with the spin, allowing players to win more than the progressive jackpot in one spin!