Mr. Vegas Treats Jill To A Win

Jill, a 28-year old teacher from Kalamazoo, Michigan wins $7,200 on Mr. Vegas, plans to trade-in her car for a more winter-friendly model.

When Jill first moved to Michigan, she hadn’t known what to expect. “I used to live in Vegas, and everybody warned me that winter is something else. I guess I never believed them.” After her first winter in Michigan, she decided that her clunker of a car was not going to be good enough for the harsh winters, especially since the heater had broken months prior to moving. But there was one problem: she couldn’t afford a new car.

“Even if I got it as a trade-in, the bills would be way too much.” Jill gave up on it for a few months before one of her co-workers suggested that she try her hand at an online casino. Jill was no stranger to casinos, but she’d never tried an online one before. “They’re a totally different animal, but I found them more approachable than most.” Her co-worker helped to set her up, too, making sure that she got her 100 free spins when she deposited. “Real casinos have little gimmicks to try and hook you in, like discounted drinks or something. This was a nice change of pace, I really felt like I had a good chance at winning.” She felt even more confident after using some of the machines in free-play, and more confident still when using her free spins.

That was when she met the Mr. Vegas slot machine. “I think he’s what people think of when they think Vegas. The casino darling that gets all the ladies and always does well. I think it’s cheesy, but I definitely like it.” Jill set up a reward system for herself: she would spin each time that she finished grading a paper. “Eventually I got into a really good rhythm, I think I was getting better at finishing grading at a decent time because of it.”

Jill’s $7,200 win almost caused her to mess up, of course. “I had to take an hour to cool off before I could finish grading that night. I don’t think I even slept, I just kinda sat in bed all night.” Jill immediately used her winnings to trade for a much better car for the winter. “I’m using the rest of it to throw a party for my class. They don’t know that I won anything, but I know that they all really struggled with the last test, so I want to cheer them up.”