Mr Vegas Crowns Another Winner

Max, a 27-year old barista from Delaware, wins a stunning $14,000 on the Mr. Vegas online slot machine, plans a trip to Las Vegas to live it up.

“Ask anyboxdy working at a coffee shop: it sucks. There’s good days when nice people come in, but really, people coming in for a cup of coffee are in a rush and man are they grumpy. Wouldn’t you be? You haven’t had your coffee yet, and there’s a line, and the coffee’s expensive. So I get it. But it sucks.” Max still wouldn’t give it up for anything, though, as he loves the smell of good coffee and the pace of being a barista. “I tried being suit and tie kind of guy, but it really wasn’t for me.”

But Max still longed for the more exciting trips that he couldn’t take. “I don’t get the chance to go on a vacation that often, so I’ve been saving up my time off until I can actually afford to go on a vacation. Somewhere fun.” That somewhere happens to be Las Vegas, his dream vacation spot. “But Vegas is expensive, so I’ve been playing at an online casino to get a feel for it.” Max liked to enter into slot tournaments when he could, but only if it was to try out a new machine. “Slot tournaments give me a great way to see if a machine is right for me. That’s how I met Mr. Vegas.”

The Mr. Vegas slot machine gave Max an experience that reminded him of what he wanted his Vegas experience to be. “Mr. Vegas was cool, he was sort of like my avatar throughout the virtual casino. I’d be rooting for him to win, ’cause if he won, I won.” The plethora of mini-games and seamless animations made Max feel like the game was in-depth in whole new ways. “How many other machines have over five mini-games packed in?” Max won on the money wheel mini-game, netting the progressive jackpot at the time. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that jackpot’s already back up over $10,000. It climbs up every single time that someone spins, and I swear that machine’s gotta be popular.” Max has already bought his plane tickets and booked the hotel room for his own Vegas escapade, with at least three casinos in mind for his fun vacation. “My boss was super supportive, I think she gets that I’ve been dying to go for ages.”