Molly Wins $4,400 In Alkemor’s Tower

New Hampshire native wins $4,400 with a bonus tile in Alkemor’s Tower, plans to surprise her daughter with a new iphone for her 16th birthday.

“I try not to be a traditional mom, but I bet that makes my daughter even more annoyed.” Molly was self-employed as an artist, selling unique sculptures both online and at local fairs. “I had to learn how to be savvy with all of the latest and greatest tech. My shop accepts bitcoins, because I’d rather be ahead of the curve on the latest trends instead of trying to catch up and learn it.” Always looking for new trends, Molly stumbled upon bitcoin casinos by chance.

“I felt like I’d been WAY out of the loop. I’d never heard of them before!” To her, online casinos could be a potential untapped market–or a new leisure activity. “Before I had my daughter, I used to take a trip to the closest casino and play until I won. I had to stop once she was born, obviously, a casino is no place for a kid.” But Molly still had the urge to play, so she deposited some of her earned bitcoins to play with. “They gave me a 200% bonus on the deposit, which was awesome!”

Molly chose Alkemor’s Tower because of the uncanny similarity to her style of sculpting. “The elemental tiles had some similar themes to some of my favorite sculpts, so I was super excited to play it.” She often found herself taking inspiration from the game’s colorful tiles and magical setting. “Many of my sculptures reflect what wizards used to look like, so it was great to see that Harry Potter hasn’t completely taken over how it used to look.”

When Molly won, it was on an elemental tile. “Each elemental tile works a little different, but the one I got was the air tile–so everything got jumbled around. When it was all done, I won $4,400!” Molly, having never won that much on a slot machine before, didn’t know what to do with it. “In the past, I’ve won maybe $100 here or there, and that’s good for a dinner or a couple of movies. This is like a whole month’s pay for nothing!” Stuck on what to buy, Molly realized that she had the perfect idea. “I’d been wondering what to get my daughter for her sweet 16. She borrows my phone now, which I know she hates doing, so I think I’m going to buy her an iphone of her own!”