Mitch Gets a Monstrous $15,000 Win on Frankenslot’s Monster

Long-time creature-feature enthusiast from San Diego, California plans a road-trip to iconic sites after his online casino slot machine win.

“Creature of the Black Lagoon, mummies, Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein’s monster. That’s the classics, that’s what I love.” Mitch could trace his obsession back to when he was a little kid and he’d watched a marathon of old horror movies with his dad. “Halloween’s my favorite holiday, too, ’cause I get to let all that silly stuff hang out.” His interest never waned as he grew older: instead, he collected more and more trinkets and pieces of memorabilia. “I’ve got a whole room dedicated to the stuff, and I’d say about half of my basement is Halloween decorations.” Mitch liked to change it up year by year to keep the neighborhood kids guessing.

Naturally, Mitch’s enthusiasm for all things related to the classics extended to his online play as well. “I think I’ve been playing in online casinos for two years now? Almost three? I never play on a slot unless it’s tied to Halloween or horror somehow.” Usually he found slots more geared towards vampires or werewolves. “I was kind of surprised to find Frankenslot’s Monster. Who would have guessed that an online casino would have a new twist on Frankenstein?” Mitch soon found himself delighted with it. “It put me in Dr. Frankenstein’s position, honestly, while Frankenslot was more like Igor. The lighthearted tone made it easy to settle down and play for a few hours.” Mitch had also found it surprising that the casino accepted bitcoins. “That’s definitely my preferred payment method now–it’s lightning fast compared to the rest.”

Mitch’s win happened early in the morning. “I wanted to get a quick round in before I had to go to work, and I definitely didn’t expect a win right there.” He sheepishly admitted to calling in sick that day, as he had to try and think of what to spend his money on. “I decided to look up all of the different urban legends in the US, and some creepy places. I think I’m going to take next month off and see how many places I can hit. You know, places like Centralia, abandoned asylums, that kind of stuff.” Mitch wants to put whatever money he has leftover into a new car, as he figures that his old car won’t be doing so hot after a cross-country tour. “I don’t mind picking up a real clunker if I have to–maybe I’ll win again and get an awesome car later.”