Mega Glam Life Slot Machine

Play Mega Glam Life For Free

For players yearning to have their own luxurious yacht, Mega Glam Life provides a wonderful way for players to fulfill their ocean fantasy.

With its serene music and streamlined visuals, Mega Glam Life accentuates everything about the rich life that every person aspires to have some day. Players can enjoy the laid back, relaxing experience of being a yacht-owning rich person while they vie to win big. With three separate progressive jackpots, players have many opportunities to make their yacht-owning fantasies into a reality.


True to the theme, players spend their time out at sea with calm waves and clear skies as they enjoy their yacht. The tiles match the glamorous life as well, with diamonds, yachts, fancy cars, and champagne. The free-spins mode shows the player what their yacht’s destination is: a beautiful tropical island at sunset. With a close attention to detail, Mega Glam Life provides a beautiful visual experience without needlessly bogging the player down with tons of animations or 3D models.


Mega Glam Life is approachable for players who are both new to online slot machines and veterans alike, as it is easy to get started with and doesn’t distract the player with long animations. Rather than hide the jackpots in free-spin mode, Mega Glam Life provides a special Money Wheel that is accessible through 3 Bonus tiles. With 3 Wild tiles, players can trigger re-spins that keep the Wilds in place. Wild tiles can replace any other tile besides the Scatter and Bonus tiles, which allows players a second chance at winning traditionally. Scatter tiles activate a free-spin bonus game.


The free-spin bonus game gives the player up to 16 free spins, depending on how many Scatter tiles they land on one spin. More Scatter tiles landed on during the free spins results in either an increased multiplier or additional spins. Players can earn up to a 10x multiplier on their winnings this way. The centerpiece of Mega Glam Life, however, is the Money Wheel. Once the player has landed 3 Bonus tiles, they are taken to the Money Wheel. The Money Wheel is split into several different rings. Each spin of the Money Wheel potentially wins, or brings the player to the next ring in on the wheel. As the player advances, their odds of winning one of the jackpots increases. There are three separate progressive jackpots, with the biggest one resting at the final ring of the wheel. Even if the player does not successfully win one of the jackpots, they still get to walk away with whatever winnings they got on the wheel, as even the advancing spins still win something.