Mark Wins At The Copa

41-year old New Mexico native wins in $6,000 on the At The Copa slot machine, plans to build the sunroom of his wife’s dreams with his winnings.

At The Copa gave Mark a sort of escape from his mundane job. “It pays the bills, but I can’t stand it.” He mentioned that on occasion, he would even play At The Copa while he was still on the clock. “My boss barely ever swings by to check on me, so if my work load’s real low for the day, I’d open up the game and play for an hour or two.” Part of the allure of At The Copa came from the story within it. “I’m a sucker for cheesy romance, and At The Copa was full of it, so each time that I opened the game up I’d switch which guy I was rooting for to win her over, just to keep things exciting.”

It wasn’t always that way for Mark. When he first hit the online casino scene, he was mostly looking for a way to win. “My wife really wanted a sunroom, a good conversion of the deck that we never use.” Mark wasn’t much of a grilling man, and the deck itself was falling into disrepair. “But when I looked up how much it’d cost, I knew it’d be years before I could afford it. A buddy of mine that used to do bitcoin mining with me tipped me off to online casinos.” In particular, Mark was looking for a bitcoin casino. Once he found one, he immediately signed up. “They even gave me a 200% bonus on my first deposit, so I had a lot of credit to start with.”

He picked out At The Copa based on its description and quickly fell in love. From there, it didn’t take long for him to win. “I was going to win $3,000, but I felt like being a little spicy and did the double-or-nothing mini-game and well, I guessed right.” The $6,000 win ended up being a little bit shy of the amount Mark needed to build the sunroom with, but he was easily able to cover the rest with some leftover money on his next paycheck. “I was so excited–I thought it’d be at least three years of saving to get it, but now my wife is going to be able to read out in the sunroom on her birthday.” Mark hopes to be able to pick up some salsa dancing with her as well, thanks to the semi-private open sun room.