Lisa Gets $12,000 on Mega Glam Life

With her win, this 30-year old Minnesota native plans to live out her own version of a mega glamorous life by buying a boat and living it up.

“I live about an hour away from Lake Superior, give or take the traffic.” Lisa had always dreamed of going out on a boat of her own and relaxing on the deck in the sun. That dream always seemed out of reach, however, as Lisa could never justify spending that much on a boat of any size. “I could buy a dinky little row-boat, but that’s not very glamorous, honestly.” So instead she stuck to a much safer venture: playing games online that let her experience the joy of relaxing on the water.

“I don’t remember how exactly I ended up playing Mega Glam Life,” Lisa started, “but I do know that I started out playing it with nothing on the line. I mean, I’d never played to win before on any kind of slot machine, so it was a little bit intimidating.” After talking with her husband, they both agreed to setup a secondary checking account where she could deposit some extra money from her paycheck. “I didn’t want to be irresponsible with playing, so that worked as a kind of fail-safe. I also stuck to only playing right after my shift was up, so I was always way too tired to play for long.”

Once Lisa got into a rhythm, she claims to have known that she was going to win. “I just had a feeling with how the reels were lining up.” Her intuition turned out to be correct, as she soon entered into the free-spin bonus round. From there, she could only watch in amazement as her winnings quickly climbed up to $12,000. “I’ve never won anything in my life before this, so it was a big treat for me!”

Lisa plans to use her winnings to buy a used boat for Lake Superior. “My husband wants to go fishing, but all I care about is the deck size. If it’s big enough for a lawn chair, that works for me!” She’s hoping to find one that’s inexpensive so that she can put the rest of her winnings back into Mega Glam Life. “The game has a bunch of jackpots, and if I win one of those, I think that we’ll be heading off on a luxury cruise liner for sure!” Since each jackpot is progressive, she remains optimistic that even the smallest jackpot will still be a big win. “They keep growing every day, and you never know if you’re going to be the next winner.”