Lionel Spends a Weekend In Vegas

Wyoming newspaper editor Lionel M. wins $13,000 on Weekend in Vegas, plans to renovate unused room into an old-fashioned book-filled study.

Travel isn’t possible for Lionel. “I can’t fly because of a rare medical condition, and driving’s out of the question when you live out in the middle of Wyoming like I do.” Instead, Lionel enjoys traveling vicariously through books, movies, and games. “Nowadays I can experience the world in so many ways. I don’t feel like I’m missing out.” One thing that he was missing out on, though, was Las Vegas. “You can read the books, watch the movies, and even play some games–but most of them revolve around super successfully, slick guys that always get the girl. That’s not me, I’m nowhere near lucky enough for that.”

The disconnect made him yearn for a bite of the real deal–something which he found in Weekend In Vegas. “I wanted some real schmucks to play as, and Weekend In Vegas did not disappoint. Looked like me and my friends heading to Vegas, honestly.” Lionel loved the bird’s eye view of the casinos as well. “I’m getting ahead of myself a little, but that little mini-game I won on was exactly what I’d been hoping for. It felt like I was part of their Vegas adventure, complete with big wins and big losses. “I didn’t see how they played in the casinos, but that didn’t matter to me. I’ve read that story a thousand times and watched it a thousand more. I wanted to see the other part of it, the indecisiveness in choosing a casino, the thrill of stepping out and doubling down on a win-streak. That was appealing to me.”

Lionel’s initial interest in the game had come from how strangely the reels were setup. “There were these tiles that took up the whole reel, and you had to line those up to get the mini-game. But you could still win stuff if you lined up pieces of those tiles. I think I’ve only seen that in one or two other games–definitely not in a Vegas-themed one.” Lionel’s $13,000 win is just enough money for his dream renovation. “I never thought I’d be able to get the money together for my study. The kind of furniture I wanted to get was more than I could justify on my paycheck, but this win means that I can easily get everything I need. I think I might have enough leftover to replace the carpeting and repaint the walls, too!”