Leah Gets Lucky With Genie’s Fortune

Avid slot tournament player living in Kansas wins $4,000, uses prize money to buy a brand new iphone and a few surprises for her family.

“I’ve been entering into slot tournaments for years now.” Leah used to regularly hit the casinos when she lived in Las Vegas, but hasn’t been back since she moved. “We move a lot–my husband’s a military man so we never stick around in a state for very long.” She still had that itch to scratch, and quickly found online casinos to be just as fun as the real deal in Vegas. “I used to be really bummed about leaving Vegas, but ever since I got into online play I haven’t really missed it.” Leah liked the freedom of playing online as well as the general quietness of it. “It can get pretty distracting in a casino, especially at peak hours.”

Genie’s Fortune quickly became her favorite machine. “I would always play it if it ended up being on the tournament list, and eventually I started playing it independently.” Leah liked how fast it played, as well as how it looked. “It reminded me of one of my favorites from a few years ago, so I guess the nostalgia got me hooked.” Her dedication to the machine eventually paid off to the tune of $4,000, a tidy sum for her to work with. “When I typically win, it’s usually $100 or something, you know, just enough to keep me playing but nothing really exciting, so seeing those three zeroes made my heart skip a beat.” Leah won in the Genie’s Fortune bonus game that had the genie granting three of her wishes. “I think I chose love, wisdom, and, of course, wealth. I guess that was the right choice!”

Leah has already purchased a new iphone to replace her old one. “It’s got a nasty crack running down the screen, and I’ve been wishing for a new one for a little over a year now. It’s hard to use it when the screen’s a mess.” She also plans to pick up a small above-ground pool for the family. “I know that the kids miss the pool that we used to go to, so I think they’ll like that.” Her biggest secret, however, is a massive shipment of Vernors. “My husband grew up in Detroit, and he’s always swearing up and down about how great that ginger ale is, but they don’t sell it in a lot of places and the shipping’s pretty steep. Now I can definitely afford it.”