Kirsten Scores On Greedy Goblins

22-year old from Ohio wins $3,000 on Greedy Goblins, plans to upgrade her phone to an iphone and take her mother on a Lush shopping spree.

Kirsten loves to play in online casinos, even though her mother doesn’t approve. “Mom thinks it’s a waste of money, but she also hates regular casinos. Not scratch cards, though, For some reason she’s all about buying those tickets at the gas station.” Kirsten’s love for online casinos grew over time as the number of options increased. “Not only are there dozens of American casinos now, there’s gotta be hundreds of games to pick from. It’s a really exciting time to be into this stuff!”

Her current favorite game is Greedy Goblins. “I really like all of the different ways to win, and the art’s pretty cute. Especially the elves, they make me think of cute little elves that bake cookies.” Kirsten hates it when games try too hard to feel like they belong in a casino. “I avoid games that include things like the cherries and 7’s, or games that go for the token ‘slot machine’ sounds. I really want to play something that has its own identity. Greedy Goblins fit the bill for me in that regard, definitely.”

Most importantly, Kirsten liked her odds of winning. “I figure that a game with a ton of different ways to win is likely to actually be something you can win on. Old school slot machines didn’t have that many extras to them, and definitely didn’t have the free spin features. I want it to feel like I’ve got a good chance of winning every time that I spin.” Kirsten was delighted when she won, even if it was a relatively small win. “Some people probably would have kept spinning after winning $3,000, but I’m not as greedy as the goblins in the game are.” Kirsten didn’t have any plans for her winnings at first, either. “I know it should probably go towards my student loans, but I’m not that worried about them.”

Instead, Kirsten decided to upgrade from her old phone to an iphone. “I’ve been going without a smartphone for years now, I was due for an upgrade.” She plans to use the rest by taking her mom to a Lush shop. “Mom never treats herself anymore, so I really want to make her day and tell her to go ahead and buy whatever looks nice. She’s never been to Lush before, either, so I’m hoping they have lots of free samples for mom to try out!”