Jeremy Reaches For The Stars In Event Horizon

Kansas City native wins $3,500 in Event Horizon, plans to buy a professional smoker and an iphone with winnings, considers clay oven as well.

The 43-year old always dreamed of smoking his own meats. “I go on hunting trips in the fall with a bunch of buddies, and one of the fellas always shares some of the meat that he smokes himself. I’ve tried to mimic it, but I can’t nail how he does it.” Jeremy wanted to get his own, but his wife declared that they couldn’t afford to buy something like that out of the blue. “Hate to say it, but she was right. Money’s been tight lately, and we’d be in real trouble financially if I took a big cut of our money like that.”

One of Jeremy’s friends suggested that he try out an online casino. “I’d never heard of an American casino being online before, but I figured I’d check it out. There were a few I liked, but I decided to go with the one that gave me 100 free spins when I made a deposit. I couldn’t wait to get in there and try winning, so the head start really helped out.” Jeremy decided that if he won the money, then it wouldn’t be a loss. “It’s not like we would have the money from that slot machine win in the first place, right?”

Event Horizon quickly became his favorite. “Fast and easy on the eyes. I liked that I could play it right before bed and not feel like I was getting a headache.” Jeremy didn’t win through some kind of bonus round, either. “I was expecting that if I won, it’d be on some kind of gimmick. I sort of thought that they only put the regular tiles in as filler.” The win came from matching up tiles, just like it would’ve worked in a regular casino. “I called my wife in the room so she could see how much I won. $3,500!” Jeremy purchased a smoker right away, then got his wife a new iphone. “We still have a bunch of money leftover, so I’m wondering what to do with it.” Jeremy wants to buy a clay oven, but he isn’t sure if he has the room for it. “I would love it if I could bake a pizza in one of those big clay ovens, but our yard’s not built for it. I might put the money back into playing online slot machines.”