Harrison Wins $29,000 On Rook’s Revenge

Graduating senior and Hawaiian native wins big on Rook’s Revenge, plans to pay off most of his student loans with winnings in celebration.

Despite steep college loans, Harrison never lost faith. “I always knew that college would be massively expensive, but I had to go.” Harrison’s father would have been the first in his family to graduate, but he’d had to dropped out for the draft. “My dad was one of those serious patriots who wanted to do everything for his country. He never regretted it, but he made it clear that I should not drop out, no matter what.”

Harrison’s love of engineering guaranteed that he would find good work out of college, but he still admitted to being pretty nervous about graduating. “My loans were nothing to sneeze at, and I started realizing that I’d have to get paid pretty well to be able to make decent monthly payments on it.” It was around that time that he’d started playing in slot tournaments. “It was less intensive than a video game, but still got my mind off of finals and my loans. I needed the stress relief.” The slot tournaments provided him with some level of relief when faced with countless exams, but they also gave him an idea. “Part of me wondered: what if I win on the slots?”

When Harrison chose which machine to use, he kept the loan in mind. “A lot of them have free spin rounds, which is good, but I wanted something more.” That something more was made apparent when he saw Rook’s Revenge. “The cascading tiles system sounded like the perfect way to get even more bang for my buck, so I dove right in.” He primarily played it while he was waiting for his next final to start, as he found same-day studying to be too stressful. “I always did worse on tests when I tried to study right before them, so I started playing games to distract myself. It made sense to play Rook’s Revenge.”

Harrison’s win came during a free spin bonus round, but with a twist: the cascading tiles clinched it for him. “I was so worried that I’d only win a few thousand–which sounds super greedy, I know, but I really wanted a big win.” He almost broke down crying when he saw the total. “That’s almost the amount that I owe in student loans. So I was able to pay off almost the whole thing right away, and now when I enter the workforce I’ll be able to get the rest paid off in a year!”