Greedy Goblins Slot Machine

Play Greedy Goblins For Free

Fans of fairy-tales will find the whimsical battle between elves and goblins hysterical in this slot machine centered around greedy goblins.

Greedy Goblins captures the over-the-top humor of little green goblins and even smaller adorable elves as they playfully compete with one another. While the goblins might not be generous with their gold, players can try their luck at winning in many different ways. The elusive Greedy Jackpot remains ever-present in the corner as well, reminding the player of a progressive jackpot that is always growing and can only grow further with every spin.


The screen is packed with character as each spin adds more charm to the environment. The goblin in the corner is highly animated and excited to watch the player spin, although on occasion it almost seems as if the goblin is taunting the player. This can only serve as further encouragement to beat the goblin once and for all and take his gold. Each tile win has its own unique animation that can overlap with the game board as well, giving the player a slew of exciting visuals as they play.


In addition to the standard slot machine gameplay, players can enjoy four different bonus games. The double-up mechanic lets players flip a coin to try and double their winnings on a spin. Bonus games like the free-spin bonus round and coin drop provide exciting ways to liven up the game board. The Sticky Wild reels and Bonus Round are sure to appeal to many players as well. However, the crown jewel of the game is the jackpot: players don’t have to worry about trying to win the jackpot in a mini-game–instead, players simply have to line up enough Elf tiles to get the Greedy jackpot.


The free-spin bonus round will be familiar to many players, as 3 Elfania signs will give players 10 free spins. However, Greedy Goblins has a whopping 25 free spins available depending on how many Elfania signs that the player gets on a spin. Some tiles have a 10x multiplier during free spins, and the player can still win the jackpot! Sticky Wild randomly triggers re-spins with the Wild tile still in place, giving players a second chance. If 2 or more Gold Coin tiles appear on the board, the greedy goblins will race out to grab them. Each coin is replaced with a new tile, potentially letting the player win several times on one spin. In the Bonus Round, the player directs the goblins on where to go to Collect from the elves–choosing correctly earlier means a bigger payout for the player.