Good Girl, Bad Girl Slot Machine

Play Good Girl, Bad Girl For Free

Good Girl, Bad Girl is a slot machine that revolutionizes the formula, offering players the opportunity to choose between risky and safer play choices–or both!

In Good Girl, Bad Girl, players can choose to play it safe, take a risk, or ride the line. The dynamic between the two warring sides leads to a wide variety of interesting gameplay mechanics alongside a strong visual presentation and a slew of bonuses. Good Girl, Bad Girl is a versatile game with high replay value.


Players are immediately greeted by an angel and a devil. Both are animated at their respective sides of the slot machine. The good girl on the left is surrounded by heavenly scenery, while the bad girl on the right is clearly in a more hellish landscape. The tiles represent both sides, with all tiles having their own unique animations that play out if the player wins. Players can also choose to toggle off these animations if they want the game to run lightning fast.


No game has given the player this much freedom before. Players can decide to choose a side or work with both girls. If the player sides with the good girl, they can expect to win more frequently–but win less. Players who take the risk and side with the bad girl won’t win as often, but will win big when they do. Players who want to maximize their chances of winning will do good to work with both girls. In addition to the traditional wild card gameplay, Good Girl, Bad Girl offers up a “Click Me” feature, a “Double Up” feature, and a “Money Wheel” feature.


The bonuses offered in Good Girl, Bad Girl give players a chance to pick a side just as they would in normal play. The Click Me feature changes based on which side the player took. Players will need to choose from the boxes offered to them over the course of 4 rounds. Each box can contain either a small/medium win, or a big win/collect. The game hints at which boxes are which, with the biggest risk coming from the big win/collect boxes. Collect ends the bonus round on that turn. The Double Up feature lets players choose whether they would like to double their winnings via coin flip. Players who successfully land three money wheels will activate the Money Wheel, which gives them a chance at the jackpot. However, there are two jackpots: the good jackpot, and the bad jackpot. Players who are playing with both sides will be able to choose which jackpot they want to win, making it a powerful choice for players looking to win big.