Genie’s Fortune Slot Machine

Play Genie’s Fortune For Free

Genie’s Fortune is a classic slot machine that stays true to its roots while still exploring the newer perks found in modern slot machines.

Players who are more used to how online slot machines used to be may find Genie’s Fortune to be a comforting return to the classics. The snappy animations and fast spin-speed make it easy for the player to dive right in without anything getting between them and the game. Genie’s Fortune doesn’t skimp on bonuses, however, and still provides the sort of robust gameplay that players have come to expect from the latest slot machines.


The graphics hearken back to earlier slot machines that couldn’t afford the plethora of 3D graphics that are on the scene now. While Genie’s Fortune does use a variety of animations and scenes, the more retro look of the game causes it to load very quickly. The screen is also cleverly split by color: everything that isn’t vital to play is a sandy gold, while the reels themselves are a stark contrast. This makes the game “pop” more, as there’s nothing outside of the board that can distract the player.


Thanks to the trimmed down user-interface, Genie’s Fortune provides lightning fast gameplay to its players. Each spin is significantly shorter than most other slot machines, letting players keep up as intense of a pace as they want to. Genie’s Fortune isn’t entirely a retro game, however, as it features four bonus games within it that still manage to blend seamlessly with the speediness of the game. The Carpet tile serves as a special form of Wild tile, while the Monkey tile fits in with normal gameplay until the bonus is activated for it. At least 3 Treasure Chest tiles triggers the free-spin bonus, while the Lamp tile activates the genie’s bonus round.


Each bonus is unique in how it effects the game. The Carpet bonus kicks in on reel 1, and then crosses through the other reels to stack up a bonus for the player. If the Monkey appears on reel 3 in the second position, it activates the “Click Me CRAZY!” bonus. The player gets to choose which direction that the monkey will jump in, causing the monkey to shake the tile to reveal a reward. Players can do so until they reveal a “Collect”. If the player activates the genie’s bonus round, then they can release the genie from his lamp and have three wishes granted. Each wish carries a different value that stacks with the others, with it left up to chance which ones will be worth the most.