Frankenslot’s Monster Slot Machine

Play Frankenslot’s Monster For Free

Sci-Fi fans will get a kick out of the unique slot-machine twist to this classic monster story as retold through Doctor Frankenslot’s antics.

Frankenslot’s Monster features a surprisingly wide variety of game mechanics to keep all kinds of players entertained. The seamless animations and playful music work well with the science-fiction theme, all while maintaining a humorous tone and a fast pace to keep players entertained. With 20 lines to work with, players have a wide variety of ways to win at their disposal and an incredible amount of flexibility in the game. Frankenslot’s Monster promises to be an exciting addition to any science-fiction fan’s life.


As with many modern slots, Frankenslot’s Monster provides a stellar set of 3D models and smooth animations. However, Frankenslot’s Monster appears to be more focused on making the experience snappy–player’s don’t have to sit through a long intro video, nor do any of the animations slow the game down. This combination of scientifically spooky graphics and speedy gameplay leads to an unrivaled visual experience. Where Frankenslot’s Monster truly shines is with the light touches of humor that are exaggerated with the goofy character designs.


Players that are familiar with the latest online slot machines will find Frankenslot’s Monster to be both easy to get into and varied enough to never offer the same experience twice. Every time that the player wins on a spin, they can choose to flip a coin to double their winnings. Unlike many other slot machines, Frankenslot’s Monster not only allows players to keep flipping that coin until they lose–it also allows players to only bet half of their winnings, allowing the risk-averse player to still give it a shot. Frankenslot’s Monster is also packed with a wide variety of tiles that players can win with, including the always popular Wild, Scatter, and Bonus tiles.


In addition to the aforementioned double-or-nothing coin flip, players can win free spins through the Scatter bonus tiles or enter into a mini-game with the Bonus tiles. Three Scatter tiles activates eight free spins that can be stacked up with more free spins until the player stops getting scatter tiles. During the free spins, players can expect to see a massive increase in Wild tiles, which increases their chances of winning on every spin. The Bonus tile mini-game puts the player in the role of Doctor Frankenslot by giving the player access to the panel that shocks Frankenslot’s monster. Depending on how the monster responds to the shock, the player will receive a different reward–so it pays to experiment!