Event Horizon Slot Machine

Play Event Horizon For Free

Players searching for a fast and fun experience need look no further than Event Horizon, a simple slot machine with opportunities to win big.

With many games pushing for more complicated experiences, some players might want to enjoy something that’s a little bit simpler. Event Horizon caters to the player who doesn’t want to fuss with a bunch of extra bells and whistles, instead focusing on the simple fun of playing a fast and flashy slot machine. With well over two hundred ways for the machine to pay out, players have many opportunities to win without needing to get lucky on an extra game within the game.


Event Horizon’s simple design proves to be both elegant and pleasing to the eye. Many slot machines are too bright to play at night, but Event Horizon’s cosmic background is ideal for any time of day. The animations are fast and unobtrusive, with the tiles only flashing briefly instead of jumping out at the player. This streamlined appearance turns all of the focus on spinning, with the most glamour coming out whenever the player wins big.


Few games have come out recently that still hearken back to the classic offline slot machines. Event Horizon includes the 7’s, bars, cherries, and bells that used to be a staple in all slot machines. The ones that do tend to have a similarly retro style–but Event Horizon chooses to seamlessly marry the modern graphic design of online slot machines with the classic gameplay of offline slot machines. This makes the gameplay immediately accessible for new players as well as a fun option for veterans of online slot machine play. Event Horizon chooses the longest string of matching tiles to be the winning amount, ensuring that players get the maximum amount of winnings from each spin.


While Event Horizon only has one real bonus, the bonus itself is a fantastic and clever way to reward the player without bogging them down with any mini-games or free spins that force the player to watch the game play itself. Every time that the player spins, there’s a chance for some reels to become synced. While they are synced, they will have lined up symbols that match each other. With three or four of the reels synced up, players have a high chance of winning. Even with two synced reels, the player still only has to line up three of the five reels. If the player is lucky, all five reels will sync up, which guarantees that the player will win at least something big on their lucky spin.