Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Slot Machine

Play Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde For Free

The classic tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde comes to life in this exciting new slot machine that shares the same name and level of suspense.

Fans of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will find the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde slot machine to be a unique and faithful recreation of the classic story. Few other games of this nature can build suspense so easily, yet Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde found a way to do so without taking away from the entertainment value of the game. A wide variety of mini-games offers an ever-changing environment for the player to enjoy with the potential for hours of fun in one session alone.


Visually, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde is as smooth as it is creepy. The fully rendered models and scenes make the slot machine feel more like a video game than anything else. With crisp animations and a wide variety of visuals, players can expect to see far more than Dr. Jekyll and his home. Dr. Jekyll frequently moves around his room, while Mr. Hyde can go on a rampage throughout town. The tiles carry a slew of unique animations of their own, each one providing snippets of the famous story for the player to piece together.


This slot machine could easily be a one-stop shop for many players, as the variety in gameplay options makes it a thrilling choice for replayability. The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde tile can trigger two separate bonus games depending on which character it lines up with. For Dr. Jekyll, it is a potion creating mini-game: there is no fail-state, but depending on how quickly the player can guess the right combination, the reward becomes bigger. Mr. Hyde, on the other hand, goes on a rampage in town that can rack up bonuses until the cops catch him. Rather than have free spins be randomly awarded, a meter slowly fills instead. Once the player fills the meter, then free spins will begin until the next meter fills.


The bonus games provide rewards up to 160x the amount bet for Dr. Jekyll or 66x for Mr. Hyde, but two other bonuses lurk on the board. If the player lines up a Dr. Jekyll with some red vials, the entire board will be randomized with new “Wild Hyde” tiles helping to rack up higher bonuses. If the player lines up a Mr. Hyde with some blue vials, then a multiplier of up to 20x will be added onto the player’s bet. Since free spins are an inevitable bonus in the game, players are encouraged to keep playing until they fill the red meter in order to maximize their use of bonuses.