At The Copa Awards Illinois Native

Ashley, a Chicago native, wins $6,000 on At the Copa, plans to pay off medical bills after an unexpected midnight ambulance put her in the red.

Ashley was no stranger to mystery, intrigue, and romance. “I give dancing lessons to couples. You’d be surprised how few young people go to those. I’m really hoping that romance isn’t dying out with the kids these days.” In Ashley’s mind, everyone had a unique and romantic tale to tell. “You can bet that I’m going to have something great to say about my medical bills some day. Just not today.”

When Ashley was heading home from work, she had an unexpected seizure. “I don’t get them very often, but they can be terrifying to people who’ve never seen it before.” Ashley usually chose to walk home with a friend, but her friend had been too sick to show up to the dance lesson. “Someone saw me seizing and called 911. I would’ve been fine, but strangers don’t know that.” She was grateful that good Samaritans still existed, but she was less than thrilled to receive her medical bill. “No one tells you how expensive an ambulance is until you get the bill. I know that it isn’t too bad of a bill by hospital’s standards, but when you don’t have any emergency money it means having to sacrifice something like part of the monthly grocery bill.” Ashley got so stressed out that she started playing at online casinos. “I needed something that’d help me wind down.”

That something ended up being At the Copa. “It really captured that romantic vibe that I love so much. The overall relaxing environmental music and love triangle story made it a thrill to play.” Ashley loved playing in the bonus rounds as well. “The double-or-nothing game was really tough. I kept taking it too far whenever I felt like I could win some serious cash, but that just messed it up for me.” Ashley won and did precisely one round of double-or-nothing after to double it to $6,000. “I considered trying again, but I didn’t want to lose out yet again.” Ashley was quick to pay off her medical bills, as her winnings in At the Copa easily matched how much she owed to the hospital. “I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since, it’s great to be debt-free!” Ashley has since split up the remainder of her winnings. “I had some books to add to my collection, and now that I’ve ordered them I still have roughly $1,000 leftover.” Ashley hopes to win again At the Copa.