Brook Gets Revenge on Rook’s Revenge

21-year old Brook from Mississippi makes her brother regret his money-making bet when she wins $20,000 on Rooks Revenge in one cascading spin.

Brook’s brother liked to tease her for being unlucky, but he also liked to believe that he was a bit entrepreneur. “He was so confident about it, that he made a bet with me that he could earn more money in a month than I could. Loser has to pay the whole tab for six months.” Brook had always been competitive, so she accepted–on one condition. “I told him that I would only take him on if he counted any wins in an online casino, too.”

Brook was majorly into slot tournaments, but she didn’t want to compete against other people at the same time as her brother. Instead, she picked out her favorite slot machine: Rook’s Revenge. “It has all of the bells and whistles of slots that I love, and I felt like lady luck was definitely going to be on my side.” She knew that it’d be tough to compete, since her brother made a living on his freelance work, but she was determined to win. “He figured that he had the advantage because he wasn’t going to be playing a silly game on the side.” Brook laughed. “He was dead wrong.”

When she wasn’t playing Rook’s Revenge, she was crafting necklaces to sell at her online shop. The money generated from that quickly helped to keep her competitive, but she didn’t want it to be close. “Rook’s Revenge really came through for me!” Brook had almost worried that she’d have to work down to the wire to win when a round of Rook’s Revenge activated the cascading tiles bonus. “I sat back and watched–and it actually went on for so long that I left the room to get a drink and come back.” Brook ended up winning $20,000 through the bonus round, something which she immediately bragged to her brother about. “He couldn’t believe it, he was so mad.”

After crunching the numbers, Brook realized that she could win even more if she kept playing. “I’m using some of the winnings to expand my online shop by getting more inventory, but the rest is going back into Rook’s Revenge. If I win again, I might renovate my kitchen!” As for the bet? “I picked one of my brother’s favorite restaurants to go to first. I felt a little bad after beating him on his own bet.”