Bradley Wins a Tipsy $10,000 on The Tipsy Tourist

Pencil-pusher from Nebraska gets lucky on the slots, plans to pay off the rest of his surgical bill and go on a vacation with his winnings.

“I’ve always been kind of unlucky.” Bradley pointed to the stitches on his hand. “It wasn’t that bad of an accident, but I still wasn’t ready for a hospital visit.” Luckily, the hospital did let him use a monthly payment plan, but it still left him feeling depressed. “I’d been planning out this trip to Florida to see my girlfriend, but this meant I couldn’t afford it.” He figured that he would have to hold off for at least another year, something which saddened him greatly. “It’s been two years already since I was last able to see her, and I can’t move there until I can secure some interviews at the tech companies there.”

Bradley had always been an avid player in the online casinos that allowed US players to play. “It’s a kind of escape for me from the dull monotony of my job.” He ended up finding The Tipsy Tourist on the list of new games, and thought it was funny. “I kind of look like Gary, too, so I told my girlfriend that I found a slot machine online that is just like me.” He started imagining what it’d be like to be able to fly down and visit his girlfriend, and soon found The Tipsy Tourist to be an odd sort of comfort. “It was like a reminder that I’d be able to get there some day.”

He never expected to win. “Like I said, I’m kind of unlucky, so when I won, I didn’t know what to say.” Bradley hadn’t believed it, either. He stopped playing and went to check his account, fully expecting that it’d been some sort of glitch in the game. “I had $10,000 sitting there in my account. It was unbelievable.” He immediately used it to pay off what was left of his hospital bill. Combining the leftover money with what he’d been saving up to pay the bill was more than enough to fly to Florida–and have a proper vacation. “I went ahead and used my vacation days to schedule the first week of next month off.” Bradley plans to have a fun vacation with his girlfriend while also hopefully securing a job in Florida. “It’ll be tough, but maybe my streak of bad luck has finally ended!”