Boomanji Slot Machine

Play Boomanji For Free

Boomanji: a colorful and fast game that attracts players who want a fast and fun experience that lets them win left to right and right to left at the same time.

Boomanji brings the rare joy of a fireworks display to the player’s home. The minimalist style of the game coupled with a dark background make the fireworks pop out all the more. While the ten lines may seem like too few, this is deceptive: Boomanji’s lines work both ways, doubling up the chances to win on the 5-reel slot machine. This machine is sure to be a player favorite for late night play.


Subtle shooting star animations play in the background of this night-time slot machine. Boomanji’s star-studded night sky is the perfect backdrop for the colorful array of fireworks awaiting the player. Instead of tiles, players are trying to line up different sets of fireworks. Once players spin, the winning fireworks set off in a row, lighting up the night sky with sparkling bursts of color. Players can choose between fast animations or regular animations for the reels, with the faster animations cutting straight to the explosive chase. Those who prefer to take their time on spins will enjoy the soft sparkles in the background as they anticipate their next fireworks display.


Many slots have moved on to bigger, over-the-top displays. Boomanji prefers to stick to the purity of the slot machine experience. Players can choose how many lines to bet on and how much to wager per line. Each spin has the potential of winning in either direction. Players should note that lining up symbols on the right is just as much of a win as lining them up on the left. The red, blue, and green cluster of rockets is worth the most, although players might find themselves rooting more for the big blue rocket to line up.


The bonus for Boomanji is just as deceptively simple as the game itself. If a player is lucky enough to get a crate of rockets on their reels, then they’ve successfully landed a wild card. This wild card expands to cover the entire reel, automatically spinning the other reels. Each new wild card triggers another free spin. The wild card itself counts as any other rocket up to the big blue rocket, meaning that a player who lines up the maximum number of big blue rockets three times in a row will win $7,200 on one spin alone! Since winnings count both to the left and to the right, players can expect to win the most when they line up a full set of symbols–and the wild card is the easiest way to guarantee that.