Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoins are a unique online currency that gained notoriety for their anonymity and their complexity. However, for players who know how they work, it’s an easy way to get into the online casino world. Bitcoin casinos are quickly becoming a favorite of both players and online casinos, making it more and more important for players to get to know bitcoins.


SlotsAndStripes highly recommends bitcoin casinos for the security that they offer. Bitcoins are notoriously difficult to track, making them an easy method for secure transfers. Online casinos that accept bitcoins can also be expected to be fairly technologically savvy, something which can be a comfort for players. Horror stories of apps crashing are far less likely to crop up when the website was developed by a company that knows how to use bitcoins.


Bitcoin casinos can boast a rare leg-up on their competitors: speed. One of the great drawbacks to online casino play is how long it takes to withdraw money. This is due to a host of reasons, particularly involving company policies, laws, and banking. Bitcoin lacks this issue altogether, allowing players to instantly access their winnings. This makes the entire experience that much faster and frees up some of the anxiety involved with worrying over whether or not a wire transfer will go through.

Ease of Use

Despite having a small learning curve, bitcoins are far easier to use than the more traditional options out there. Players simply have to know how to mine their own bitcoins, or else purchase bitcoins from a seller. From there, they can then use their bitcoins directly in the bitcoin casino. Players can then sell their own bitcoins for money later, or use their bitcoins to buy things online without worrying about conversion rates. Smaller numbers are also easier to digest: a winning of $1 wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but a winning of 1 bitcoin would be a decent small win.


Some bitcoin casinos are doing what they can to encourage players to use bitcoins. In addition to letting players withdraw their money far more quickly than any other method, some online casinos will even offer an increased deposit bonus or additional free spins for deposits done via bitcoin. These little bonuses might seem minor at first, but every little bit only leads to more chances for the player to win it big. Players should compare bitcoin casinos to see which one offers the most promising bonuses for bitcoins before taking the plunge.
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Casinos that accept Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals

Drake Casino Bonus

  • $15 No-Deposit Bonus!
  • 200% First Deposit Bonus up to $2000
  • 100 Slot Machine Free Spins!

GTBets Bonus

  • $15 No-Deposit Bonus!
  • 100% Deposit Bonus to $250
  • 50 Slot Machine Free Spins!

Gossip Slots Bonus

  • $15 No-Deposit Bonus!
  • 200% First Deposit Bonus up to $2000
  • 100 Slot Machine Free Spins!

Bitcoin casinos combine the classic entertainment of an online casino experience with the cutting edge of internet technology via their use of bitcoin currency.

Despite the relatively daunting appearance of bitcoins when a new player learns about them, bitcoin casinos make an extra effort to be as user friendly as possible. The adventurous gamer who chooses to play with bitcoins will enjoy an extra level of anonymity as well as the freedom to utilize a wallet that isn’t tied to their physical bank account. This, in a sense, makes bitcoin casinos a risk-free experience without sacrificing the chance at winning big on the slots.

Bitcoin casinos offer a heightened sense of anonymity to their players. Many bitcoin casinos only require that you register with an e-mail address, allowing players to enjoy a new layer of privacy while playing. Online casinos typically require your name, address, and some form of payment information: bitcoin casinos need none of that. This is due to the nature of the currency itself. Bitcoins are digital data, meaning that a player merely needs to share that data in order to use the currency. Because of this, players are also given an extra layer of security. If a regular online casino is shut down for any reason, the player might find that they can’t access their winnings. However, a bitcoin casino has not only a reduced risk of shutting down, but also lacks any personal information from the player. Even if the bitcoin casino somehow ends up in trouble, the player won’t have any difficulties on their end.

Players familiar with online casinos will find bitcoin casinos to be just as varied in their choices. Many bitcoin casinos offer poker, slots, blackjack, and an assortment of other games. Some bitcoin casinos even offer free spins, granting players the ability to earn more winnings without needing to spend any bitcoins. Bitcoin casinos also often carry information about bitcoins, how to mine them, and where to buy them. This allows players who aren’t familiar with bitcoins to dive right in. Even a player with only a single bitcoin can still enjoy multiple spins on the slots, as bitcoin casinos will allow players to play with less than one bitcoin (much in the same way that players can bet with less than a dollar).

Most importantly, players can expect faster payouts. When receiving a payout from a traditional online casino, players have to wait for processing times that vary based on their payment method. With bitcoin, the wait time is significantly shorter, allowing players to quickly obtain their winnings. This new form of online play promises all of the fun and excitement of online casinos with more anonymity and security for the average player.