AtTheCopa Slot Machine

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For an entertaining, spicy salsa experience, players are all flocking to At The Copa, the latest in the online slot machine world for a virtual tropical getaway.

At The Copa lets the player enjoy a tropical experience from the comfort of their home. Rather than being a typical Hawaii tropical getaway, At The Copa brings the player to a salsa dancing island with a spicy tryst at the center of the game. With three separate jackpots and an intriguing double-or-nothing mechanic, players are certain to enjoy their time At The Copa.


Carolina, At The Copa’s mascot, dances away as the player spins. The bamboo hut visuals are reminiscent of a tropical beach paradise, while the night setting and thrilling music fit the theme of a saucy evening of romance. Each win causes Carolina to give the player a special dance–and with her being the most animated part of the screen, this makes her the center of the show. The special double-or-nothing mini-game provides a location that is all-too-familiar to players who have been at an exotic beach: the bar.


The standard slot machine formula is shaken up with the addition of the double-or-nothing mechanic. Players can choose to take any winning that they earn as-is, or risk losing it for the chance to double it. Each successful coin flip doubles the winnings, potentially making any win a big win. Players can also earn free spins that payout with either 2x or 10x with each free spin. Uniquely, the game also includes a wild card that can expand to the entire reel if it is in the dead center of the machine. A bonus round featuring the tryst has the player place their bet on which man will woo Carolina.


At The Copa’s bonuses are easy to follow and infinitely appealing to players. During free spins, the dance partner of the player’s choice becomes a wild card, helping to rack up wins with each spin. During the wild Ocean card free spins, the multiplier can climb up to 5x as the player wins. If the player lands five chili peppers on the same spin, they will win one of the three jackpots. Chili pepper placement determines the jackpot: Suave, Mediano, or Caliente. Each jackpot is progressive, meaning that the more people playing will bring the jackpots up higher and higher! The double-or-nothing coin flip mini-game does not stack with any of these special bonuses. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as players wouldn’t want to risk losing their big wins on a coin flip. Instead, the coin flip allows players to make small, ordinary wins into something big.