Alkemor’s Tower Slot Machine

Play Alkemor’s Tower For Free

For players looking for a variety of ways to win, Alkemor’s Tower provides a plethora of bonus rounds that is truly unrivaled in online slots.

Alkemor’s Tower relies on variety to keep the player entertained, and it does not disappoint! Players will find that the game smoothly moves from one spin to another with the occasional bonus doing nothing to slow the pace. This combines with the whimsical tone of the game to make for a fun experience that is never quite the same, no matter how many times the player comes back for more.


The blues and golds of Alkemor’s Tower are especially pleasing to view, especially with the contrast of the tiles in play. 3D models are used to render the backdrop for the game, but are done so in a way that doesn’t distract from the game itself. The wizard’s tower is more reminiscent of the classic King Arthur-style wizard instead of the more modern take on it, broadening the appeal by taking notes from classical fantasy stories. The music gets a special mention, as it an astute listener will pick up on what it is in homage to.


With 243 ways for the player to win, Alkemor’s Tower makes sure to have as many different and exciting wins as possible to keep players interested. Alkemor’s Tower boasts two free-spin bonus rounds and four unique Elemental Spell tiles that provide different bonuses based on the element. In addition to that, Alkemor’s Tower has a double-or-nothing mechanic for each win, letting players increase their winnings if they feel lucky. This “double up” mechanic does not work with the Elemental Spell tiles bonus or the free-spin bonus rounds, although both types are rewarding enough in their own way.


The two major branches of Alkemor’s Tower’s bonuses are the Elemental Spell tiles and the free-spin bonus rounds. Each Elemental Spell tile has a different effect: fire adds additional wild symbols based on the number of spell books on the reels, air shuffles all of the in-play tiles around on the reels, water multiplies the winnings, and earth destroys symbols and replaces them with new ones. Each Elemental Spell tile also effects the spell books and elemental tiles differently, giving players a unique bonus for each element. Free-spin bonus rounds are split between the “Nature Floor” and the “Celestial Floor”. In the Nature Floor, any vine tiles will devour their neighboring tiles and offer up a bonus, while the Celestial Floor has black hole tiles that will consume the neighboring tiles. The free-spin bonus rounds can be 5, 10, or 15 free-spins long.