Alicia Wins Big In Good Girl, Bad Girl

25-year old Alicia from Cincinnati wins $9,000 in Good Girl, Bad Girl, plans to finish paying down her art school student loans with winnings.

For Alicia, getting into art school was part of the dream. Making a career out of it was the hard part. “I’ve done a few art galleries, but obviously you can’t get by with only one or two of those.” Alicia, a recent graduate, wants to become world-famous for her unique ‘baby doll’ style and animations. “I get inspiration from just about everything, but I especially love to take mundane things and see how I can change people’s perceptions of them based on lighting.”

In her free time, Alicia loves to play in online casinos. “I see it as an escape, a moment to get away from work and unwind without any pressure at all. I don’t have to spend hours perfecting the craft of playing slot machines. I get to have some fun.” Yet work eventually crept up on her in the strangest way yet. “I was shocked, really, when I saw Good Girl, Bad Girl. I avoided the game at first, but curiosity got the better of me and I started playing it.” The art style played perfectly into what she was trying to achieve with her own art. “Even the title, Good Girl, Bad Girl, tells the viewer something. The bad girl looks like a devil, the good girl looks like an angel. Yet the two girls have no trouble working together if you tell them to, and they don’t seem to mind even when you pick one girl over the other.” She soon started to brainstorm while playing Good Girl, Bad Girl, picking out elements and ideas and wondering if they would work in her own art. “I think that my biggest takeaway was to try out playing with the viewer’s notion of what it means for someone to be good or bad.”

It was during one such brainstorming session that she won. “It’s actually kind of embarrassing, I was so into my research that I didn’t even notice when I won until I glanced at my total balance.” She has since used the winnings to pay off the rest of her student loans. “I probably had another few years of interest waiting to get racked up on that, so it was a huge relief to have it gone.” Alicia still plays Good Girl, Bad Girl in the hopes of getting inspired–and winning–again.