$6,000 Winner on 4 Seasons

Dylan from Alaska won on 4 Seasons, plans to trade-in his truck for a newer model that can handle off-roading better than his old truck could.

The 44-year old Alaskan native likes to joke about the weather in his home town. “We’ve got two seasons: snow, and no snow yet.” A gruff fisherman at heart, Dylan fondly remembers vacationing in Florida. “Used to go there just about every summer.” He’d spent a few falls in New Hampshire as well, but eventually found traveling to be too much of a hassle. “Between the cost and the security lines, I wasn’t enjoying my trips as much as I used to.”

Instead, Dylan started playing games to get the same experience. “I can’t get into those crazy games that the kids play, but I don’t mind some of the ones I’ve got on Facebook or my phone.” It was his nephew who pointed out online casinos to him. “Big dream of mine was to go to Vegas some day, but I’m not so sure if I can stomach flying. Maybe I’d do a road-trip if I was a bit younger.” He played a variety of online games, mostly because he’d get bored of them. “A lot of ’em are too boring for me to play for more than one sit-down. Who can play a game that never changes up, you know?”

It was ironic, in a way, that 4 Seasons became his favorite. “I’d been talking to the neighbor on the same day that I picked up 4 Seasons, and I was complaining about how we don’t got 4 seasons up here.” The colorful game hooked him right away, as he soon found that the game would change how it looked based on the season that was in play. “It kept the variety up just enough that I felt the need to keep going.”

That dedication soon landed him a $6,000 win that blew his socks off. “I thought about going on a vacation again, flying somewhere tropical.” Dylan laughed. “I think I just want to trade-in my truck for a new one.” His current truck, while fine when he’s driving to town, isn’t the best when he goes out hunting. Dylan plans to spend any leftover money on some more hunting gear. “Season’s just around the corner, and I’m ready to stock up!” He hasn’t stopped playing 4 Seasons, either, as he hopes that the $6,000 win won’t be his last.