$5,000 Winner In Event Horizon

Jason from Minnesota scores $5,000 during an amazing Event Horizon reel sync-bonus that is as out of this world as the slot machine itself.

“I was shopping around for a no deposit bonus, I’m pretty sure that’s how I found this game.” Jason had heard about online casinos, but he didn’t want to dive in unless he got a good bonus for it. “Most offered free spins or something, but I wanted something that was solid–so I found one. I got a $15 free bet. Used it right away, but I remember seeing Event Horizon and thinking that I might try that some day.”

While Jason gravitated to a variety of slot machines, he always went back to Event Horizon. “I think when you get that many options you feel like you’ve gotta try them all, but I think I knew the first time that I played it that it’d be my favorite.” He had trouble keeping track of all of the extra games that a lot of slot machines boasted. “Event Horizon kept things good and simple. I like that. I’m here to play on a slot machine, not a game board.” The game reminded him of some of the silly apps that he’d play on his iphone, but with the added excitement of a possible win. “Everybody wants to win, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t–but Event Horizon was pretty fun to play. Really liked the music, too.”

Jason won thanks to Event Horizon’s sync-bonus. “Basically, the reels can sometimes sync up, and that starts a chain reaction of re-spins over and over until you stop getting synced reels.” He usually wouldn’t win when it happened, but one fateful day soon lead him to his biggest win on a slot machine. “I think I got three or four of them synced, and that made the prize crazy. I’m wondering how big the prize’d be if I got them all synced up.” Jason still hasn’t decided what to do with his winnings, although he has narrowed it down a little. “I could use it to pay off some of my student loans, or maybe get around to fixing up my truck.” Jason laughed. “But I’m probably going to use at least some of it to get back on Event Horizon. I’d be lying if I said that this is my last time playing that game. I know I can get a better sync bonus if I keep trying.”