$5,000 Boomanji Winner Plans PC Buy

Derek from Chicago, Illinois wins on Boomanji after a silly slip-up, plans to buy a beefier PC so he can play more games with his friends.

Derek had been looking for information about an old movie called Jumanji, but hadn’t remembered how it was spelled. His initial spelling auto-corrected to Boomanji, which immediately lead him to the online slot machine game. “I’d never heard about it. I mean, I thought you had to go to Nevada or an Indian reservation to play in a casino, so I never really thought about it.” After doing some research, Derek realized American casinos were no longer restricted to only a few places in the country. “Online meant I could play whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted, and without any waiting or getting ripped off on expensive drinks.”

But Derek had a problem. “My PC is really out of date, so a lot of the games would lag or slow down on me. I felt a little sad ’cause it’s been a big problem for me this year. Pretty much none of the games that I want to play are simple enough for my graphic’s card. I guess I could upgrade that, but it’s not like the rest of my computer is up-to-date.” That was when he went back to Boomanji, the game that alerted him to online casinos in the first place. “Boomanji actually ran really well on my old clunker, so I ended up picking that one. The fireworks would slow down my PC a little, but they only go off when you win–so I sure wasn’t complaining if I saw them.”

Boomanji’s crate of rockets wild card ended up securing Derek’s win. “At that point I got to sit back and watch as the reels spun for me. Once you get into the bonus stuff, you know you’re winning–I didn’t know how much, but I knew I was winning.” Derek’s win came close to being one of the biggest ones you can get on one spin in Boomanji, which blew his socks off. “I can’t wait–first thing I’m doing is buying a new PC. I bet I can get a pretty good one for $5,000.” He hopes to find one that’s cheaper so that he can also buy himself a new iphone. “One of my friends has offered to build me a computer, too, so I think I’m going to ask him how much that’d cost.”