$20,000 Winner On Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

22-year old Alexander from Alabama wins big on Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde in a bonus game, uses winnings to pay off his mother’s steep hospital bill.

“You know, times are tough.” Alexander was no stranger to financial hardships. “Mama lost her house a few years ago, and then she got hospitalized and couldn’t work no more, so now all she gets is the wait period for disability.” It made it even harder for Alexander to keep going to school, as he had to trust that his mother would be fine at home while he was gone. “I’m lucky I stuck to in-state for my college, ’cause I don’t know how she’d be if I hadn’t stayed.”

Alexander took to online casinos as a form of stress relief. “I had a couple of bitcoins from some mining I did back when that was just getting started, so I was able to hop right in. Casino even matched my first deposit by 200%, so I was really lookin’ good.” He’d picked out Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde before even making a deposit. “The casino I picked let me try out all the games for free, so I gave each one a chance to ‘wow’ me. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde really did just that for me.”

He especially liked the little mini-games, like the potion mixing mini-game. “It’s all about how fast you can guess it right, or the Mr. Hyde one where you’ve gotta go on a rampage without the cops seein’ you.” Alexander hoped to one day fill up the red meter to get into the free-spin mode. “I got close a bunch of times, but then I had to go help my ma or go to class and I’d have to stop.” On the day that he finally got to the free-spin mode, he won big. “I never saw that much money in my account before. I know it’s a stereotype, but I am one broke college kid.”

Rather than use the money to pay off some of his own tuition, Alexander decided to use it to completely pay off the rest of his mother’s medical bills. “Without that debt eatin’ away at her pocket book, she won’t have to worry so much while she waits to get approved for disability.” Alexander plans to keep playing Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde as he has been. “If I win again, I promised mama I’d put it towards my debt instead of her. I still think that if I win again, she’s getting some of it, even if it’s just to go out to eat with.”