Slots & Stripes – USA Online Casino Reviews and Bonuses is your go-to source for online casino play in the United States. Newbies and veterans alike will be able to find useful information on a variety of topics. SlotsAndStripes strives offer the latest and best info on USA online casinos; this means not only covering the best online casino sites, but also covering new online slots as they come out. SlotsAndStripes reviews games and shares success stories as well. In addition to that, SlotsAndStripes curates information on a variety of niche topics in the online casino play world.

Online Casino Reviews

SlotsAndStripes carefully reviews each USA online casino. Readers will find information on available bonuses, as well as a link straight to the online casino of their choice. They can also read a more condensed version of the online casino’s support, something which can sometimes be confusing or difficult to navigate. SlotsAndStripes also covers what payment forms the casinos take, while also highlighting some of the games that they offer.

Slot Machine Reviews

Similar to their online casino reviews, SlotsAndStripes also reviews a variety of slot machines. These reviews typically cover the bonuses, maximum payout, and theme of the machine. SlotsAndStripes allows readers to try out these games for free as well, giving the reader a chance to decide which machine they like best before so much as clicking on an online casino.

Bitcoin Casinos

SlotsAndStripes includes an informative page about using bitcoins in online casinos. Bitcoins are fast becoming a popular choice, and many online casinos offer greater bonuses and rewards for players who use them. They are confusing at first, so it’s important to take that first step when researching to see if it’s a good fit.

Sports Betting

A classic, sports betting is now becoming a popular source of play in online casinos. SlotsAndStripes offers some information on online sports betting, which is useful for the curious player who has never tried online sports betting before. SlotsAndStripes briefly covers the variety of sports that can be bet on in online casinos, but also links to several online casinos that offer sports betting. An interested reader can easily check out the reviews and pick which casino fits their needs the best before diving into this exciting new addition to online casino play.


SlotsAndStripes loves to share stories from successful players. Readers can take a glance at these success stories to see how much money they can possibly win from some of the machines available. Who knows who the next winner will be?
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Casino Winners

  • Mr. Vegas Treats Jill To A Win

    Jill, a 28-year old teacher from Kalamazoo, Michigan wins $7,200 on Mr. Vegas, plans to trade-in her car for a more winter-friendly model. When Jill first moved to Michigan, she hadn’t known what to expect. “I used to live in

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  • Peter Wins $5,000 On Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    Texan micro-brewer wins $5,000, plans to pay off his lingering medical bills and purchase some experimental ingredients for his next batch. Every batch of beer was a little bit different for Peter. “We obviously have our one trademark that never

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  • Kirsten Scores On Greedy Goblins

    22-year old from Ohio wins $3,000 on Greedy Goblins, plans to upgrade her phone to an iphone and take her mother on a Lush shopping spree. Kirsten loves to play in online casinos, even though her mother doesn’t approve. “Mom

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  • Harrison Wins $29,000 On Rook’s Revenge

    Graduating senior and Hawaiian native wins big on Rook’s Revenge, plans to pay off most of his student loans with winnings in celebration. Despite steep college loans, Harrison never lost faith. “I always knew that college would be massively expensive,

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  • Molly Wins $4,400 In Alkemor’s Tower

    New Hampshire native wins $4,400 with a bonus tile in Alkemor’s Tower, plans to surprise her daughter with a new iphone for her 16th birthday. “I try not to be a traditional mom, but I bet that makes my daughter

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  • Rick N. Wins $6,000 On Frankenslot’s Monster

    Rick from Hartford, Connecticut earns $6,000 through a mini-game in Frankenslot’s Monster, plans to renovate master bathroom with winnings. “I work construction. Long hours, tough work, but it’s worth it.” Despite that, Rick never had the spare money to renovate

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  • Boomanji Brings Ben Big Bonus

    Ben, a 41-year old postman from South Dakota, wins $18,575 on a bonus spin in Boomanji, plans a one week scuba diving vacation in Australia. During the day, Ben is a hard-working, dedicated postman. “I’ve been doing this for twenty

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  • At The Copa Awards Illinois Native

    Ashley, a Chicago native, wins $6,000 on At the Copa, plans to pay off medical bills after an unexpected midnight ambulance put her in the red. Ashley was no stranger to mystery, intrigue, and romance. “I give dancing lessons to

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USA Online Casino Reviews

SlotsAndStripes strives to inform an American audience about online casinos. Online casinos are common around the globe, but US online casinos are harder to find. For that reason, SlotsAndStripes has set up, a website that provides helpful information to American players who want to find US online casinos. Our mission is to ultimately provide the highest value possible to American casino players by providing honest and informative resources. We offer casino reviews, slot machine reviews, success stories, and general information.

We founded SlotsAndStripes to give new players a firm footing in a competitive online casino market. With so many choices, it can be difficult for new players to figure out which place is trustworthy and which place provides the best bonuses for starting out. Our reviews cover everything about the online casino experience, letting players compare support, bonuses, and games. Additionally, our slot machine reviews always come with a free version of the slot machine game so that players can try them out before committing to any online casino.

SlotsAndStripes also wanted to broadly include information on bitcoins, sports betting, Internet casinos and slot tournaments. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for players to access this information without needing to dig around online. While we don’t have detailed information on absolutely everything, we have enough that beginners can be better informed when choosing an online casino, and can do so confidently even if they haven’t used that specific aspect of online casinos before. Without a site like SlotsAndStripes, new players would have to spend a lot of time researching for the online casinos that have the best casino bonuses and game selections. We know how boring that can be! We want to make it as easy as possible for new American players to jump right in and enjoy all kinds of casino experiences, ranging from casual slot machine play to intensely competitive slot tournaments--and everything in between.